Wood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing CharlotteHardwood floors add beauty and charm to any home. A hardwood floor that is scratched, dented, or excessively worn can take away from the attraction of a home and even decrease its value. Floors naturally become scuffed and fatigued over time. From dirt to high heels, UV sun exposure to your pet’s untrimmed nails, your hardwoods durability is sure to wear over time. The good news is there is a helping hand we can offer our besieged floors.

Sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors can be the perfect solution to your problem! The general process of sanding and refinishing takes about three to five days depending on the chosen finish. Although that may seem like a lengthy process, the results are well worth the wait. With the industry’s most cutting edge technology and years of sanding experience, we offer the highest quality hardwood floor refinishing in town.

Refinishing Breakdown

Hardwood Floor Staining Charlotte


So it only takes 3-5 days?

The basic steps of refinishing include: sanding, staining followed by three applications of your chosen hardwood finish. When it comes to sanding your hardwood floors, Queen City Hardwoods uses the industry’s best equipment. With a GREENGUARD Certified Air Filter directly attached, the air filters are able to provide higher air quality, therefore minimizing dust in your home.

Once the sanding is completed, the fun part begins; the application of the new color you chose.  You can pick any color selecting from two different stain guides with more than 50 different colors to choose from.  One of the great things we offer is a stain show.  It’s much easier to make the final choice of your color when getting to see it on your brand new floor instead of a color swatch.

Pick up to five of your favorite colors and let us show you their true essence on your floor.  After the stain has dried, it is then time to apply the first of three coats of your selected finish. Depending on the finish you choose the application process and dry times will vary slightly.

In between each coat application we perform a buffing to maximize smoothness and shine.  Being able to select from the various different finishes allows you to personalize your floors strength and durability. With Queen City Hardwoods on the job we guarantee your satisfaction and can’t wait for you to see the results!