Hardwood Flooring Charlotte

  • Floor Installation

    Wood Floor Installation

    Engineered Floor InstallationThe type of hardwood floor installation and materials your home needs is determined by your home either being on a concrete slab or having a plywood subfloor. If your home is on a concrete slab, you are still able to install hardwood floors.

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  • Wood Refinishing


    Hardwood Refinishing CharlotteHardwood floors add beauty and charm to any home. A hardwood floor that is scratched, dented, or excessively worn can take away from the attraction of a home and even decrease its value. Sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors can be the perfect solution to your problem!

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  • Floor Staining

    Wood Floor Staining

    Hardwood Staining CharlotteFor customers who have a specific color scheme in mind, Queen City Hardwoods can stain oak floors to almost any color. Please call in if you have maple of fir floors because we don’t recommend staining either. The average dry time for your brown, pastel and white is approximately 3 days.

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  • Floor Repair

    Wood Floor Repair

    Wood Floor Repair CharlotteWhen your hardwood floors get damaged, one of our experienced professionals can help you repair them the right way. Water damage, Fire damage, chipped boards, dented boards, cupping, cracking, or warping, we can fix it.

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  • Laminate Flooring Installation

    Laminate Flooring Installation

    laminateAre you trying to achieve the look of hardwoods but it’s just too expensive? Laminate flooring is an inexpensive alternative that can help you attain the look you’re going for. No matter what species of hardwoods you are interested in, there is more than likely a laminate product that closely resembles that beautiful style!

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